Review: The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Mason

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck
A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life 

This book came into my possession by total coincidence. I went to dinner with a friend who just bought this book and I carried it for her. After dinner, I totally forgot to give it back. So I simply bought the book from her. As I had bought it from here, I figured I might as well read it. 😉

In this generation-defining self-help guide, a superstar blogger cuts through the crap to show us how to stop trying to be ”positive” all the time so that we can truly become better, happier people.

Manson makes the argument that improving our lives hinges not on our ability to turn lemons into lemonade, but on learning to stomach lemons better. Human beings are flawed and limited-”not everybody can be extraordinary there are winners and losers in society, and some of it is not fair or your fault.” Manson advises us to get to know our limitations and accept them. Once we embrace our fears, faults, and uncertainties, we can begin to find the courage, perseverance, honesty, responsibility, curiosity, and forgiveness we seek.”

Self help 

I am normally not that drawn to self-help books, I’d rather read a philosophical or psychology book. However, a self-help book with an infinite number of “ fuck” in it, did sound kind of interesting. I do not want to tell you too much about the insights he shares, because I think you should read that for yourself. I do want to share some of my ideas on what the writer (Mark Manson) is trying to teach you.


To me, the core of the book is the idea that you should decide for yourself what is important to you and that you should aim to let go of everything else. Maybe not even let go, but mostly don’t let it bother you. Most of us worry about so much throughout the day, we are driving ourselves insane with all these ongoing thoughts. Even though, it is often not that necessary.

Moreover, he stresses the importance of responsibility. Take responsibility and own up to it. I totally agree with this part. 


So, was it a life changing self-help book? Not at all. Was it fun to read? Yes. I think that it suits people who need the insights in the book but are to stubborn to read a self-help book, unless it has “fuck”  in the title (we all know that type of person). The foul language helps to lighten up a serious subject and actually suits the topic pretty well. It is obvious that the writer let go of our approval or disapproval of his tone of voice, and that is definitely an example of not giving a fuck.  

Written by Roos Bergers